• Do you find yourself in the grip of anxiety or depression?

  • Suffer lingering emotional effects of illness?

  • Often consumed with fear, doubt, and indecision?

  • Or just feel stuck in patterns that don’t serve you?

All of these experiences are symptoms of trauma.

Yes, trauma is a word usually associated with major, life-altering events. Events that affect a person so deeply that their entire life is changed.

But there are many, many types of trauma. Smaller, more subtle, but equally painful and crippling. These are the types of trauma that are often dismissed as not a big deal, not so bad or not that important.

Big or small, all wounds hurt. Over time, they can fester. And they can be healed.


My own story is full of challenge and heartache, starting at a very early age and continuing until I was in my mid-forties. But ultimately, I was able to find help, do the work and discover my true self. The person that I was meant to be.

That’s what I want for you. I want you to experience the freedom and satisfaction that comes from living an empowered life.

To me, an empowered life is about setting yourself free from symptoms of trauma (stress) and the life-limiting beliefs many people remain anchored to for decades at a time.

I’ve done it. You can too.

  • “Carol holding my hand all the way, has been LIFE CHANGING! It has given me back my life, to feel and be who I truly am. I feel liberated, with a new vitality, ’freed’ from waking up daily with anxiety and overwhelmed with life, from the deep sadness and loneliness, the fear, the anger, and shame. I feel renewed, reborn…Thank you”.

  • “Even before I started my first session, I realized that there was a very distinct pattern to my many issues. Having written them down I could clearly see there was a problem that needed some help.
    Carol has a lovely calming manner, and it was easy to immerse myself in the narrative that each session delivered”.

  • This method of therapy doesn’t drag on and take months and years to get results. It’s very focused and effective. Carol has been so supportive and reassuring on this journey.
    It’s been a life changing experience, with permanent results”.

  • “I found Carol to be professional, understanding, confidential and thought provoking. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has issues from the past or present to listen to what she may be able to do for you.”

  • “I knew I would feel different after the sessions... I just didn’t know how different and how quickly”.

  • “I found this method of counselling to be the most effective, that I have ever done. It simply works, because the TRTP method gets to the root cause of your pain, and it extracts it, like a rotten tooth, leaving you feeling healed and emotionally lighter”.

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