The Richards Trauma Process™ (TRTP)

TRTP is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that resolves trauma-related symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, fears and phobias. Perhaps more importantly, it deals with the underlying cause of the problem, removing the emotional charge from the past and returning the person to a state of empowerment and calm. TRTP achieves results quickly, effectively and safely – generally in three sessions 


Reiki Master Teacher

The healing effects of reiki help to activate the body’s natural healing process, taking the body from ‘fight or flight’ response to ‘rest and digest,’ leaving the client feeling relaxed, and with a greater sense of peace and well-being.


Creative Journal Expressive Art (CJEA)

CJEA is used in school counselling centres prisons, and recovery programs world-wide to stimulate creativity and help users get in touch with their bodies and emotions in non-verbal ways, using both images and words.

It activates both sides of the brain: the verbal, linear, logical Left Brain, and the visual, emotional, spiritual non-verbal Right Brain. This allows access all the powerful healing potential within.

Special areas of interest and recommended as part of everyday living.


According to neuroscience studies, meditation can potentially reduce the stress hormone cortisol, alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, as well as boost your immune system and mood. It can also lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, breathing and brain waves.

All this data shows it is a great tool to help relieve trauma-related symptoms.


Practicing mindfulness, or being fully present in the moment, is another way to calm the mind and body. 

It helps activate your parasympathetic nervous system which turns on the calming response in your body.  

Mindfulness also allows us to put some space between ourselves and our reactions, so we give ourselves a chance to think and space to breathe. Our stress levels drop, we become more resilient and less afraid.


Every service I provide is infused with respect, care, encouragement, and light.

Together we’ll apply practical tools for self-reflection and introspection which could include dynamic re-imagining, meditation, affirmation, visualisation, creative journaling, and expressive art. 

My work is specifically tailored to your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I work at a pace that is comfortable for you and in a way that allows you feel safe and secure.

And it can all be done from the privacy of your own home via video conferencing. 

Your healing can start with a simple phone call.
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